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Gnothi seauton

Know thyself

Delphi's Temple inscription over the pronaos

Werde, der du bist

Become what you are

"Thus Spoke Zarathustra", Friedrich Nietzche

We dress up, we enrich ourselves

with flowers, with melodies:

These are the spring flowers.

We garnish ourselves with them, here on Earth!

Up to now, y heart is joyful,

I hear that melody, I see a flower 

May they never wither on Earth!

Nahuatl Poem

Flowers & Songs are toltec symbols for wisdom

This Toltecs were certainly wise

They were used to dialogue with their own hearts

Jam te’n ajäj atë’kx xpäätt x’ext a?

Do you see and understand the light and the luminosity where you come from?

Ancient olmec salutation

© 2016 by Héctor Iván